Disposable Gloves 100pcs, TOOCA Vinyl Gloves Disposable Latex Free Food Safe Working Gloves Cleaning Gloves blue Small

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Product Description

Disposable Gloves

Anti-Allergic Disposable Gloves

Protective gloves disposable:


Crafted with Compound of vinyl-based hybrid, these versatile disposable gloves are stronger than latex while still giving you the dexterity and control your

need for needles or equipment. They are powder-free, ambidextrous and offer a stretchy & comfy fit for both men and women.


With anti-tear, anti-rip, and anti-abrasion properties, TOOCA disposable gloves are suitable for all kinds of occasions. Such as food processing, repairs, pet care, auto care, law enforcement professionals, physicians, food vendors, hair coloring specialists, painters, cleaners, pet care as well as in home improvement.

Cleaning Gloves for Family use

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