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  • Pure Acetone Soak-Off Remover Pad
  • For Nail Polish, Gel Polish & Hard Gel
  • Fast - Clean - Easy
  • Aluminum Foil + Cotton Pad + Pure Acetone
  • All in one ready-to-wrap packet for quick removal of gel

Save Time. Work clean and easy. Reduce odor in salon. Each ready-to-wrap packet includes cotton pad, acetone, and wrapping foil.

Box contains 500 Acetone Pre-soaked Wraps

Usage Instruction:

  1. File the gel surface as much as possible.
  2. Tear or cut off the sealed foil along any edge to open the wrap.
  3. Open the wrap and insert the finger with nail against the acetone-soaked pad inside the foil wrap.
  4. Wrap the foil as tightly as possible around the finger by folding the left, right, and top sides of the foil wrap.
  5. Wrap one finger or toe at a time.
  6. Leave the wrap 1-2 minutes for nail polish or 3-5 minutes for gel polish or gel. Soak-off time can vary with gel thickness and products removed.
  7. Remove the wrap from each finger. Loosen and clean the lifted gel with the selected tools. If it seems hard to remove the gel, simply re-insert finger into the wrap for a little longer time.

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